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Excellency, Performance and Innovation in the UAS' World *

GLOBAL DRONE, is a five-year-old Sino-French company that designs, develops, manufactures and delivers innovative and advanced High Tech UAS-CR technologies, products and services. The GLOBAL DRONE technical preeminence is the result of a successful strategic European/Asian partnership. Our International Team is composed of fully qualified professionals, especially aerospace and materials engineers with strong experience in the airframe industry and robotic applications. Excellency, Performance and Innovation is our motto.

Our mission :

To craft the most reliable, efficient, enduring, easy-to-pilot and maintain high-tech multi-rotor systems with the highest European standards of quality combined with up-to-date Chinese manufacturing capabilities.

Electronic and machining

Our aptitudes :

- Expertise in Flight Controllers and Heavy Multicopters
- Expertise in Systems capable of operating in extreme and hostile environments
- Highly experienced and highly dedicated local team
- Strong network of Chinese and worldwide strategic and qualified providers
- Various Academic partnerships

The GLOBAL DRONE high-tech electrical Multicopters make the difference. They are reliable, easy to operate, durable, multi-purpose and affordable.

GLOBAL DRONE has created various highly innovative aircraft that meet specific customers' needs for different applications and environments.

While Global Drone can customize its aircraft, users can also easily adjust specific features to adapt the machine to their specific needs.
Consequently, a single UAS from Global Drone performs a wide variety of tasks efficiently with minor adjustments. This distinctive and amazing capability Multicopter is due thanks to its modular structure and adaptive airframe.
GLOBAL DRONE can also develop for you specific systems.
This can be done directly by undertaking engineering task or through a partial transfer of technology as well.

* UAS : Unmanned Aerial System

Carbon Air-Frame